Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology

No. 1 Wenhai Rd., Aoshanwei, Jimo District,Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
Established: 2015
Organisation type: Research/academic institution
Geographical scope: National
Member countries: China
Participating countries: China
Funding source Percentage

Organisation’s vision:

QNLM is expected to grow into a world-class research platform and an exchange base for international cooperation in marine science and technology, where top professionals home and abroad do the innovative and collaborative researches that feature originality. To become the world center of marine research, QNLM will be a flagship in radiating the whole country so as to form a complete innovative chain of marine sci-tech as a regional demonstration platform.

Organisation’s mission:

Transparent Ocean and Climate, Blue Life and Bio-resource, Seafloor Process and Energy-mineral Resources, Research on Extreme Environment of Deep Sea and Polar Regions

Organisation’s objectives (if different from the Mission):


  • basic research at cutting edge level
  • innovation unites
  • marine science and technology
  • open platform for collaborative innovation
  • world-class research center


  • Advocating for (ocean) science
  • Advocating for Earth (ocean) observations
  • Conducting research and/or observations
has observer/participant/member status with
Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean