Our goal is to use eDNA approaches to monitor life more accurately in the global ocean. With an initial focus on the continental Australian Commonwealth marine estate. Our vessel the Pangaea Ocean Explorer has capabilities for onboard genomic analyses. OceanOmics is creating resources that enable broad scale deployment of marine eDNA, including reference library generation for marine vertebrates; novel methods for monitoring and combating threats to marine wildlife and ecosystems; quantifying the health status of current marine protected areas (MPAs); and assisting governments and management agencies in identifying new biodiversity hotspots and ecosystems in need of protection.

21 Hackett Drive, Crawley WA, Australia

Established: 2020

Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation
Geographical scope: National
Member countries: Australia
Participating countries: Australia
Funding source Percentage

Organisation’s vision:

Our vision is a society that values all people and natural ecosystems.

Organisation’s mission:

We will achieve this by uplifting communities, advancing gender and equality, protecting the ocean whilst still responding to emerging challenges.

Organisation’s objectives (if different from the Mission):

To revolutionise how we measure, understand, and protect life in the oceans using environmental DNA


  • coastal communities
  • eDNA
  • oceans
  • open data


  • Conducting research and/or observations
  • Data management, interoperability, sharing, access, open data policies
  • Providing scientific advice for policy makers