Mar Mocambique

Quelimane, Moçambique

Established: 2020

Organisation type: Association
Geographical scope: National
Member countries: Mozambique
Participating countries: Mozambique
Funding source Percentage

Organisation’s vision:

a) Contribute to the protection, preservation, conservation, recovery and sustainable management of the coastal environment, landscape heritage and cultural assets and values ​​of the Mozambican coast.
b) Promote actions aimed at marine and coastal ecosystems, seeking to replace impacting practices with sustainable activities aimed at improving the lives of traditional fishing communities and maintaining and conserving biodiversity.

Organisation’s mission:

a) Mar Moçambique's vision is to be a catalyst for the development and dissemination of innovative solutions for the sustainable use of the coastal zone and the Mozambican sea, serving as an example in nature conservation for society and for the public and private sectors .

Organisation’s objectives (if different from the Mission):

a) Promote the maintenance of biological diversity, considered in peaceful genetic terms and systematic echoes, of the Mozambican sea;
b) Encourage the creation and/or maintenance of coastal and marine conservation units, contributing to the protection of natural heritage and biological diversity;

c) Develop, support and encourage scientific research activity, teaching, extension and technological innovation;

d) Produce and disseminate alternative technologies that promote socially fair, ecologically adequate and economically viable development

e) Develop, support and encourage social, cultural, educational and ecological and scientific tourism actions with a focus on coastal community ecosystems
f) Promote the institutional development of public and private bodies dedicated to the implementation of public policies;



  • Advocating for (ocean) science
  • Environmental protection/conservation
  • Ocean literacy/public outreach
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