Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

日本、〒237-0061 神奈川県横須賀市夏島町2−15

Established: 1971

Organisation type: Research/academic institution
Geographical scope: Global
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Participating countries: Japan
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Organisation’s vision:

JAMSTEC Vision :
An Integrated Understanding of the Ocean, Earth, and Life

The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has been engaged in a variety of research and development activities as one of Japan’s research institutes covering a broad spectrum of marine science and technology.

Recent years have seen great and dramatic changes in Japan’s social circumstances. In particular, the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on 11 March 2011, required a re-examination and re-evaluation of the entire concept of Japan’s future, including national disaster prevention/mitigation measures and approaches to global environmental problems.

On a more positive note, the research and development conducted by JAMSTEC during the past five years has significantly progressed beyond originally conceived domains. At the same time, immediate application of research results is demanded by society more than ever before, and thus, greater efforts are being made to satisfy such demands.

Taking this into account, and looking at the next 15 years, JAMSTEC has decided to reconsider its goals and approaches, and to redefine them as a new vision.

Towards a New Maritime Nation
The Japanese government formulated the Basic Act on Ocean Policy in 2007, which emphasized the importance of establishing a new maritime nation seeking the peace and safety of the sea under international cooperation. In response to this policy and various changes in circumstances surrounding the ocean, as part of the JAMSTEC vision, we envision that our country will become an entirely ocean-based nation in the future. We have focused our mission on supporting our society in achieving this goal, through developing new scientific and technological capabilities which contribute to the sustainable development, and responsible maintenance, of a peaceful and fulfilling global society.

In order to accomplish this mission, JAMSTEC will take on the challenge to develop an integrated and comprehensive understanding of the Ocean, Earth, and Life and the pursuit of ever-advanced theories to open new paradigms of research.

Research and Development Challenges and Approaches
JAMSTEC will need to address the following challenges related to research and development over the next 15 years:

An integrated understanding and prediction of global environmental changes.
The establishment of an advanced understanding of the Earth’s interior, and its application for the mitigation of earthquake and tsunami disasters.
A comprehensive study of the evolution of life and the history of the Earth.
Development of resources research, and biotechnology.
These challenges can help JAMSTEC develop new marine-related scientific knowledge, create advanced technologies, and propose specific solutions for social issues.

Towards an Integrated Research Institution of the Ocean, Earth, and Life
JAMSTEC personnel from various fields will continue to conduct a wide range of research and development into the future, using their free and flexible thinking. JAMSTEC will undertake the initiative to enhance all Japanese research and development capabilities, through a close cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, and industries. Further, it will actively share with society the results and knowledge gained from the study of the ocean, Earth, and life.

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