Buenos Aires, Argentina

Established: 2003

Organisation type: Informal network
Geographical scope: Regional
Member countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, United States, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of
Participating countries:
Funding source Percentage

Organisation’s vision:

Generate an interaction among research groups working in coastal oceanographic time series stations and remote sensing studies around Latin-America. To collaborate in research projects, share information and expertise with the aim of reaching an integrated understanding of possible changes occurring in the marine ecosystems of the region. Enhance capacity building in oceanography, principally in bio-optics, remote sensing of ocean color and phytoplankton. Develop outreach activities to advocate the important role of the ocean and its ecosystem services.

Organisation’s mission:

Organisation’s objectives (if different from the Mission):

ANTARES main goal is the study of long-term changes in coastal ecosystems in sites around Latin America to distinguish those due to natural variability from those due to external perturbations (anthropogenic effects). To achieve this goal in situ data from coastal stations, and satellite data (temperature and chlorophyll) from the region are shared among members and with the public. Capacity building, scientific and technical collaboration are key in our task.


  • advocacy
  • capacity development
  • ocean observing


  • Advocating for (ocean) science
  • Ocean literacy/public outreach
  • Provision of (ocean) information services